The Different Advantage & Functionality of VCGT160404

VCGT160404 is a very positive rake angle and sharp cutting edge for machining aluminum. The coating is thicker, and the processing is more stable and resistant. The pointed cutting edge chip removal, strong impact resistance, and good versatility. The blade cutting has high accuracy, finish, and wear resistance. The blade is suitable for semi-finishing and rough machining of stainless steel series. It has industrial-grade advanced professional blades with excellent chipping resistance.

Carbide End Mill

VCGT160404 can be easily replace when they have worn down. Saving manufacturers from the time and expense of removing and sharpening entire carbide tools. In many cases, carbide tool tips are index able. Meaning they can be rotate or flipped to provide a new, fresh, cutting edge. Index able carbide inserts allow manufacturers to get more cutting time from each insert, significantly cutting material costs. It is make from a compound of carbon and tungsten, also known as cemented carbide or tungsten carbide.

Carbide End Mill, although reasonably brittle, is more complex than most metals. But VCGT160404 chemical properties are just as important.It is not chemically change by heat, as steel. Which allows tungsten carbide inserts and tool tips to withstand high-speed metal machining for long periods. It is use because carbide offers the strength, heat, and chemical resistance necessary to cut hard metal materials such as steel and iron. The tools are a crucial element in the forming and machining of metal tools, fasteners, and molds.


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