What are APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts?

APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts are two types of cutting tools widely used in the manufacturing industry. APMT1604 is a type of milling insert, while CCMT09T304 is a turning insert. Both inserts consist of a small piece of material that slides into the tool holder on a lathe or mill.

APMT1604 features four cutting edges that allow for high-speed machining and efficient chip evacuation. In addition, it’s made from rigid carbide material, which provides excellent wear resistance and long tool life.

CCMT09T304, on the other hand, has three cutting edges designed to optimize performance during turning operations. The unique geometry allows for smooth chip flow and reduced cutting forces.


The benefits of using APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts

APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts are two of the most popular cutting tool inserts in the market. These small yet powerful tools offer many benefits to those who use them.

The primary benefit of using these inserts is their versatility. They can be used for different applications, drilling, including turning, milling, and grooving. As a result, they are appropriate for almost any machining operation you may require.

Another usefulness is they are durable. APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts are constructed from the best quality materials that cause them invulnerable to wear, chipping and thermal shock. It makes them perfect for use in harsh machining conditions where other cutting devices would fail.


APMT1604 and CCMT09T304 inserts are vital tools for machining applications. They offer various benefits, such as high precision cutting, long tool life, excellent surface finish, and reduced downtime. These inserts have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to machining problems. Choosing the right insert based on your specific application needs is essential to ensure optimal performance.


Q: What materials are used in APMT1604 inserts?

A: APMT1604 inserts are developed for machining different materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper.

Q: What are the benefits of using CCMT09T304 inserts?

A: CCMT09T304 inserts are understood for their high toughness and wear resistance, which makes them perfect for use in turning operations where the insert is subjected to high cutting forces and temperatures.

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