What Are Use Of Square & Ball Nose End mills

Square EndMills have two types single-ended or double-ended. It is made from numerous compositions of high-speed steel. The mills have a four-sided nose and are alternated against a piece of stock to make a flat-bottomed channel with 90°.

Use of the Square Endmills:

  • The mills are rummage-sale for over-all milling applications including slotting, summarising and plunge cutting.
  • It is used to surface the inside angles of curved surfaces with 90° flat ends when the end mill is alternate din contradiction of the stock.
  • They are hand-me-down for counter uninteresting, side and face milling, and milling square shoulders. 
  • Mills are used at the roughing phase and finishing phase. All positioning operations such as side milling face milling, etc.
  • End mill bits are rummage-sale for an extensive range of spiteful and milling applications.
  • End mills do not have cutting teeth crossways all of the end, but have a ‘dead’ area in the middle, and thus can only use for milling.
Square EndMills

Ball Nose Endmills

A ball end mill reaper is also recognised as a “ball nose mill”. The end of this tool is crushed with a full range equal to half of the tool width. Ball nose end mills are recycled to milling a large angle radius or sharp corners that for industrial tools & dies, and machining complex forms with a flat touch. Use of the Ball Nose Endmills:

  • They can be used for crushing a large corner radius, harmonizing with a complete radius, and outline or profile milling.
  • Ball end mills, also recognised as ball nose end mills, are recycled for milling contoured shells, slotting and pocketing.
  • The mills are usually used in the industrial of molds, dies, and other accuracy parts where a flat surface finish is needed.
  • The mills are appropriate for machining any 3D contoured shapes into the machining centres, such as dies and melds.


Q: What is a Square End mills?

A: Square end milling secateurs are also documented as a “flat end mills”. The angles of these mills are shrill and make a 90° angle.

Q: What are Benefits of Ball Nose End mills?

A: High-performance Ball Nose End Mills for exactness milling and wounding. Ideal for shaping and contouring in a diversity of materials.

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